About Me

I am just another .Net Developer. I am one of the many to have stuck in the past decade of the programming world. Being an enterprise developer, knowing just one programming language was good enough for me, until I felt I missed or should I say ignored to know about the recent technologies and programming ideologies that evolved in this decade. I realized I am rusty, and trying to learn something new is not as easy as it was when I was younger.

Blogging is new to me, I know I am very late to the party but its never late to start anything or so as it is said. The compelling thought for me to start this blog is for just one reason alone. I understand there are a lot of developers like me who are still stuck in the good old days of programming and want to align themselves with the modern day programming technologies. Most prefer to self learn and create their own learning path, but few likes to start in someone’s else path to eventually identify their own path of knowledge. This blog is for the few who would like to follow my path to initiate their own learning process. The way I plan to write this blog is to record my notes during my learning. This will serve both as my personal notes which I can refer when needed and it will very well be an useful guide to jump start someone else’s learning process. I really appreciate and thank your support and feedback on my posts. Happy Learning!